How should I start a text? There are infinite ways to do it, but I can only doing it one way. Other wise I will never start it, and there will be nothing. Nothing and everything, as every other words seen as opposite, are not opposite, are complementary. One would seek to exist if the other seeks to exist. I could even say that they are the same thing, they don ´t mean anything, they just exist, and I will always only be able to inhabit the in-between. But the in-between could not happen without two other points, that I know not necessary need to be opposite, but for sure they need to be different. There is not nothing if there is not everything, and vice versa. So if I would want to achieve nothing , then I should stop doing everything , but I don ´t want to achieve nothing or everything , because if I achieve any of those , then I don´t have to move anymore, and I like the MOVING sensation. So what can I do to keep moving? Well , the problematic of the movement is that always need a direction. I cannot move in every possible direction, maybe I can, but then I could only think about the movement but not really enact the movement because I would had become nothing or everything or anything else. I know that I cannot know all the direction I can move towards, but if I want the move to happen, than I really need to choose something. I could also choose anything, which is almost like living it to a random situation , a situation that I cannot control, but since that will happen anyway, because I cannot really control anything, so then why should I chose to do anything ? Anything will happen anyway. So, to move, I need to chose something, and it `s really sad, because choosing something implies in itself not choosing something else, so it `s a lost in itself, a sacrifice I have to do to keep moving. Then I can only chose an action and enact it with the hope that somebody else or something else produce another action that will make me move in another direction, previously known or not. And if that is my hope, then I should find the way that I think will most probably make that happen, obviously knowing that what I want to happen will never really happen, and that ´s great! Tonight , I chose to substitute talking about what “I think” for talking about what “I imagine”, so is maybe clearer that what ever I say or do, is just related to my imaginarium, with the hope that somebody else tell me what they imagine, so I or we , can imagine something else. And is not because what I imagine is in the future, or it does ´t exist, is only because the only thing I can act is my image of the real. And now I have just produced something, and I decide to even put a title to it: AN IMAGINARIUM ABOUT SOMETHING And maybe I start a little revolution in all levels of my live that only believe in going against any action that threaten or put in danger the free development of people imagination and imaginariums, and I will fight it until I realize that has become just another boring and unusefull ideology, wich will for sure happen. Until I think is useful, I will have to cope with the fact that no matter what, is still just another idea, that will never really take me nowhere or everywhere, but that will just make me move.

by Esthel Vogrig

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  1. Anabella

    fire rests on movement…

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